How to Successfully Pitch Your Story to Editors

In this complete 38-page guide, I walk you through the pitch from idea to approach. After working on the editorial staff at five different magazines and ultimately serving as senior editor of SUCCESS magazine for a few years, I can tell you that, just as in dating, the approach is everything.

If you can't impress an editor within the first few seconds of your pitch, that email you agonized over will end up in the trash folder.

You'll learn how to:

  • Set realistic goals by taking my "Outcomes Assessment"
  • Identify which publications to target
  • Clarify your topic with my "Theme Wringer" technique
  • Structure your pitch for effective storytelling
  • Avoid the most common pitch killers
  • Follow the most-beloved editorial guidelines

AND to get you started right away, I've also included:

  • Three complete pitch templates that you can use for your article
  • Exclusive tips from my editor's desk at SUCCESS magazine to help you get inside the mind of a magazine editor
  • A sample pitch letter using my simple "Pitch Recipe"
  • Advanced tips and tricks that I usually only share with my coaching clients
  • Instructions on tailoring your pitch for print or online publications
Take the time to polish your approach, and it could be love at first sight.

How to Pitch Your Story to Editors

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