Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson, Founder of You Can Freelance

In 2005, Emmy Award-winning writer Amy Anderson left the best job she'd ever had (and the highest paying) to go out on her own as a freelance writer. She bought a book about freelancing from the bookstore and skipped home. She was sure that happy days in her pajamas, oodles of paychecks in her mailbox, and a steady stream of business awaited her.

Three years later, she was still in her pajamas, only now she was broke and depressed. The truth of the freelance life was much harsher and much harder than any book could have described. She felt lost and lonely. She told herself that she wasn't cut out to be a business owner, and she took a full-time job again.

During the next five years, Amy served as senior editor of SUCCESS magazine and as managing editor at a top marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. She had the enormous privilege of working with some of the world's best entrepreneurs, experts, and achievers. Along the way, she realized that her failure as a freelancer wasn't due to a problem with her personality type.

The failure was due to a lack of perspective and skills.

Without the proper emotional fortitude and preparation, the necessary business skills and systems, and the essential strategies and approaches for success, Amy was bound to fail - whether she had remained a one-woman show or chosen to lead a team.

Armed with an entirely different set of skills and a 180-degree difference in perspective, Amy relaunched her freelance business as Anderson Content Consulting LLC. In her first year back, she earned six-figure revenue that has increased 20 percent year over year. She's been honored to work with clients like John Assaraf, Todd Duncan, and Darren Hardy, and to create projects with companies like Advisors Excel, Predictive ROI, and Dell.

Today, Amy trains aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs to build the lives of their dreams. She founded You Can Freelance to dispel the myth that successful freelancing is impossible and to help people find the freedom and joy they deserve.

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